The best contact, deal, and marketing integration for Mailchimp and Pipedrive!

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The Mailchimp Pipedrive Integration: Sales and Marketing working together at last!

Convert your subscribers into leads, with full visibility of all marketing activities, including campaign opens and clicks.

  • Target your most engaged users⁠–⁠faster.

  • Search and filter by campaign activity results.

  • Turn your cold leads into warm leads.

  • Connect Mailchimp to your sales platform.


Pipedrive Contacts and Deals

Target Robot Sync with Sales brings your Deals and Contacts to Mailchimp from your Pipedrive Account, giving your marketing team the ability to segment campaigns based on your sales pipeline information. We also include Company Name in the sync, allowing you to target campaigns to specific companies.

Marketers can now automate follow-up emails based on the stage of a pipeline or even send out postcards when a deal is won!

You can sign up here through the Sync with Sales app or head over to the Pipedrive Marketplace to install it there.

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Mailchimp Campaign Activity

Target Robot Sync with Sales brings your email campaigns, email opens, and email clicks from Mailchimp into Pipedrive, giving your sales team a clear view into who is interested in your product.

Every day, we look up all campaign opens and clicks and sync them to Pipedrive in a Multi-select field. This powerful feature allows your sales team to filter on leads who have clicked or opened a campaign!

Sync with Sales also brings over all marketing activity for a contact into the notes section of a Pipedrive contact, giving more relevant information to the sales person.

Try for free for 14 days

Contact sync, simplified.

We’ve worked hard to make syncing contacts as easy as possible. There are no complicated automations for you to configure. Our setup process is 3 simple steps:

  • Connect to your CRM and Mailchimp account.
  • Customize your sync settings
  • Start syncing!

You can choose to not create contacts in either of your accounts if you don’t want to increase costs.

You can also choose which system gets precedence when conflicts are detected.

Finally, setting field mappings couldn’t be easier. We automatically detect all your fields on both your Pipedrive account and your Mailchimp custom merge fields. You can then choose which fields map to each other.

You can also change any of these settings at any time by accessing the Account Settings screen.


Fully Supported.

The team at Target Robot is ready and able to help you get the most out of your Marketing and Sales platforms. We believe these systems work better when they’re together. In fact, we built Sync with Sales to help solve our own problems, and we believe it can help you solve your problems too. You can contact or use our chat widget to speak to us live.

New features added regularly.

We’re constantly improving Sync with Sales to enrich the data on both your sales and marketing platforms. We love hearing feature requests from our users because we know it makes the product better for everyone. If you have any questions related to how Sync with Sales works, check out our FAQ page. If you have a feature request, send us an email or start a chat. We’d love to hear from you!

How it works.


Target Robot Sync with Sales not only syncs contact between your marketing platform and your Sales CRM, but also enriches your contacts with smart, relevant data.


We automatically add Company information from your CRM to your Marketing contacts as a custom field.


For each of your CRM contacts, we look up and sync campaign activity in Mailchimp (open and clicks) and add it to a custom contact field in your CRM.


Sync with Sales looks up Deal information for each of your contacts and automatically sets and updates Mailchimp Tags as they work through your Sales Pipeline.

Helping Sales and Marketing work better together –
and sell more.