Sync your contacts, companies & deals across marketing & sales.


Get sales and marketing on the same page.


Give your Sales team marketing visibility – automatically.

Convert Mailchimp subscribers into leads, with full visibility of all marketing activities inside your sales CRM.

  • Target your most engaged users⁠–⁠faster.
  • Search and filter by campaign results.
  • Turn your cold leads into warm leads.
  • Stay in sync with Marketing.
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Give Marketing a full view of your sales pipeline.

Bring your marketing team closer to sales. Learn what works, nurture leads together, and sell more.

  • Improve segmentation & nurture campaigns.
  • View deals and company data directly in Mailchimp.
  • Personalize campaigns based on the sales pipeline.
  • Learn what messaging helps convert more sales leads.
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Sync, learn & sell more – together.


Target Robot Sync with Sales not only syncs contacts between your marketing platform and your Sales CRM, but also enriches your contacts with relevant data such as company and associated deals.


For each of your contacts, we look up and sync campaign activity in Mailchimp (open and clicks) and add it to a custom contact field in your CRM.


Sync with Sales looks up deals information for each of your contacts and automatically sets and updates Mailchimp Tags as they work through your Sales Pipeline.


We integrate well with others.

Only pay for what you need.

Growth Plan


base price


per each contact synced

charged monthly

Enterprise Plan


base price


per each contact synced

charged monthly

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Three easy steps to start syncing.


Easily authenticate your Mailchimp and your Sales CRM.


Customize what fields you want to map across the two platforms.


Your accounts will now begin syncing every 10 minutes.


At Target Robot our mission is to extend the agile process to involve all stakeholders and help your projects succeed. We aim to remove the communication barrier that exists between internal project teams and stakeholders. Clear transparency and earlier problem identification lead to more successful projects.